Sunday, 9 May 2010

Target Audience and BBFC

The BBFC is the British Board of Film Classificaion. It gives every film a certificate before is it shown in a cinema. 
We think our film would fit into the category of a 15.
A 15 would also make our film appeal to a wider audience as it isn't seen as a 'kids' film, but then again there's nothing that is too adult themed. It also would appeal to high school students, which is what our film is based on.

We think this because it will have moderate language in small bits, and a small bit of violence, but nothing too drastic.
It also may invlove sex, between the girl and her boyfriend. This will obviously not be shown within the opening 2 minutes but further in the film it may be.

This age range also fits into the range that we want our film to appeal to, 15-25 year olds. We want our film to appeal to people that go to school and therefore understand the humor in that this is an everyday occurance that happens in every school. Also, people that have been to school will understand the humor in our film.

Our film has 3 main characters, all of which are caucasaion. This is was not intentional, it was just the way things worked out. I think that it doesn't not affect the film, however it would appeal to a wider audience if there were a few non-caucasian people in our film.

The roles of gender are very stereotypical within our film, a blonde, pretty, well dressed popular girl- whose boyfriend is a 'jock' type character. Also a typical geek who doesn't care how he looks and is a bit of a looser.

I think the socio-economic gouping would be C2DE. This is lower middle-class and working class. I think this helps appeal to our age range as this is what most people come under.

The nationality of our characters is British, and they are all from Ilkley. This has come with its downfall- a slightly posh accent. This was not intentional, however we had to work with what we could. I think if this was made into a real film the accents wouldn't be as posh and therefore would once again be something that people could relate to much easier.

The sexuality of all our characters is hetrosexual. This is typical of a romcom, boy loves girl- girl loves a different boy. It is not intentional that our film doesn't include any gay characters, and I don't personally think it would affect our target audience.

All of our students are typical students, the girl and the boy seem to be in different social groups and so act a lot differently. This is typical of many people within high schools.

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