Sunday, 9 May 2010

Props, Mise-en-Scene, SFX, Costume

There will be no particular props used, just things that it is typical to see around school, so we may have a table with books on, and other similar things that it is typical to see that relate to education. The diary will be a prop as the boy will be writing in it and it will revolve around that.

This is the book which we will be using as a diary. We covered it in newspaper, put the boys name on it and put the title of a popular Green Day song on it. This is to make it seem more masculine.

These CD's are used as props in the bedroom to achor down that he likes rock music and is therefore 'different'.

Apologies for the sideways pictures! Ill change them when i figure out how...!

Mise-en-Scene will be pretty obvious but there will be alot of people around and school uniforms, school bells, classrooms, corridors- these kind of things will all help to tie down that our film is set in a school. For the bedroom we have signified that the boy is 'different' by using posters of rock bands on the walls. Also we have signified that it is a boys room as it is quite messy with purpley/blue walls.

Costume will be typical. So for the boy that is a nerd, old fashioned clothes, maybe socks and sandels, glasses.. this ind of thing will all signify that he is a geek and that he does get bullied a bit around school for the way he looks.
For the girl, she will look pure just look pretty. She wont be wearing anything in particular, and she will have quite neutral makeup just to show that she is a nice, and innocent young girl.
For the girls current boyfriend, he will most likely be wearing sporty clothes, and look quite arrogant. He will look like he has put effort into what he is wearing and look vain, this will signify the 'jock' character type.

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