Sunday, 9 May 2010


So far we have 3 possible people.

We have a definate person who we would like to act out the girls role.
- Kate Luty, 16
She is a typical high school girl, pretty and funny. I think she wold be good at this role because she does fit the conventions of a schooll girl, she is prettty (like most girls used in rom-coms) and she would fit nicely with a boy.

We also have a definate role of the 'geek' boy.

- Nick Smith, 17

He is a tall male, who wears glasses and we think we could dress he accordingly to look like a geek. He is quite funny, and would suit this role well.

We have another boy for the girls boyfriend.

- Luke Walley, 16

He would fit nicely into a sporty 'jock' type role. He is tall and good looking and I think he would suit the role.

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