Sunday, 9 May 2010


Sweding is the term for 'erased and recreated' films. This came from the 2001, Michael Gondry film Be Kind Rewind.

The 5 films that I have thought of, which I may be able to swede are;

Harry Potter

  • I would change it so that the main character was female (Harriet Potter), and I would make them do all of the spells wrong, and I would include them playing Quidditch. I would do all the bits that you see on the trailer for the real film, however I would just make them amusing.   (this is the one I will do.)

Hot Fuzz

  • I would make the police be lazy  & do as much as they could to get out of work. I would take all of the better parts of the film, and sum it all up in 2 minutes.

Kill Bill

  • I would change the title to 'Chill Bill' and have the main character running around with a sword, but the person she goes for just shouting "chill bill!" instead so she didn't hit them.

  • I would have all of the characters running around biting each other, whilst there is one sensible one trying to et everyone to stop. I would put the best bits of the film into 2 minutes. 

Casino Royale

  • I would swede the opening sequence, where Bond is chasing someone. I would have someone chasing someone else around a stupid place, e.g. a park.

The final result of our sweding task was as followed;

We weren't as pleased with this as we could have been. We wanted to recreate the trailer but some of the points were impossible for us to do within the time space we were given. However, when we screened this everyone seemed to laugh and find it quite funny, which in the end.. is all for the best!

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