Sunday, 9 May 2010

Initial Storyboard

We have drawn out a plan of what we think our film will end up like and we have ordered each shot in the way we think it ill play out.

Shot 1:
STUSSY media. The production company logo.

Shots 2 & 3:

More credits. Here will be the names of the actors, the producers and the directors.

Shot 4:

The opening shot of the main protagonist (male) in his bedroom writing a diary. This would be a high angle shot to make him look vunerable. He would be reading over what he had written and this in turn would be a voiceover providing exposition.

Shots 5, 6, 7 & 8:

An extreme long shot of the school. This will be the main setting. There will be a few shots, zooming in around the school - corridors, classrooms and then the common room, this is where the main action will take place.

Shot 9:
A point of view shot from the main protagonists view, of the girl and her boyfriend. He thinks the girl is looking at her, and she waves.

Shot 10:

Laughing is heard and he turns around to realise that she wasn't waving at him, but a friend behind him. This would be an over the shoulder shot of him seeing the other person.

Shot 11:

The bell goes, and an extreme close up of the bell is shown.

Shot 12:

The boy is barged into the lockers by the girls boyfriend. The sound of him falling into the lockers is heard.

Shot 13:

Back to the boys bedroom where he is finishing his voiceover. He closes his diary.

Shot 14:

A low angle shot shows the boy walking down the steps in his house, he is about to put his plan into action.

Shot 15:

The final shot; the boy closing his front door behind him. The screen goes black.

Shot 16:

The movie title comes up. So far the working title is 'In His Eyes' but this is set to change.

Please note that the pictures aren't very good, but hopefully you'll get the the general idea from them.

This is our initial storyboard and is set to change.

In romcoms typically have credits done in fancy, different ways.

For our film we have been thinking of ways we could do our credits that could be included within the settings of our films.

So far we have come up with the following;

  • Post it notes- this foreshadows what will be coming as the male sets up a trail of post it notes for the girl to meet with him.
  • Above a window- as we are zooming in on the shots which establish the locations we could have some credits above a window on a door.
  • A whiteboad- sets the location as school, we could have a teacher writing it but you cant see what it says until they have moved.
  • In the boys diary- he could open it and whilst he is trying to g et the the correct pages here could be credits in it, or as he is starting his newer post he could write a credit, tear it out and throw it in the bin.
  • A notice board- similar the the white board, but you could have someone reading the school notices, and then it says a credit at the bottom.
  • A computer screen- this could be at school or in the boys bedroom.
  • On a piece of paper that gets blown away- This would be an interesting way of doing credits, something different.
  • Two people passing a note in class- once again signifies the setting.
  • A text/msn message- relates back to the younger audience.
  • On a poster in the central protagonists bedroom- the would be a simple yet effective way of showing the bedroom and credits at the same time.
  • On an exercise or text book- signifying school
  • Using pieces of stationary- in the bedroom or within the school.

These are the ideas that we are thinking of doing, we have lowered it down to the follwing which we think we will se. However we may shoot some of the others and just use which turn out best.

  • Using pieces of stationary
  • Notice board/ whiteboard
  • In the diary
  • Computer screen
  • Exercise/text book
  • A text/msn message

These were some of the credits which we have already done. The main characters name is hidden withinh the diary, and as he is opening it we see this.

Written on a whiteboard with each letter appearing one at a time on their own. Signifys a school.

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