Sunday, 9 May 2010

Hardware and Digital Media

Here is a list of the following that we are using to help us to make our film;

Apple Mac, we are using these to help create our film. We have been using them now for us to understand them and to know what we are doing with them. We find them useful and they help with our media project.

Imovie '06, we think this is the best possible program to use. It is easy to work, and has all the tools to use, such as quick ways to add titles, music and transitions.

 Garageband, we are planning to use garageband to make a soundtrack for our film. It needs to be quite upbeat and fit in with the rom-com genre.

Livetype, we have used this program to create out 'Stussy Productions' logo. We think it look very good and shows creativity.

Video Camera, obviously this is the main thing that we are using to create our film.

Voice Recorder, we are using this to make sure that we get a clear voice over of our main character when he is reading his diary.

iDVD, we will be using this to burn copies of our final DVD.

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