Sunday, 9 May 2010

Rough Cut 2 & Feedback

This was our 2nd cut. We screened it infront of the class and got the following feedback;
  • The soundtrack is much better, however it needs to be a little less loud as it is hard to hear the voiceover. The criticism was that it maybe sounds a little more "actiony" and gives a more chaotic feel.
  • The music over the 'like media' title needs to last for longer, and possibly somehow merge in with the music over the film.
  • The girls clothes need to be changed to fit the genre a bit better as they don't signify the glamorous 'cheerleader' girl.
  • The order could be re-organized so that as he recalls the events, we se them on screen.
  • Our second idea of them being in a classroom would maybe be better.
  • The relationship needs to be much better shown.
  • Titles need to be better done, think of more ways to do them.
  • Narrative enigma could be used by as you hear the voiceover- not actually see whim writing the diary until later on, so you don't know who he is.
  • The idea of humiliation needs to be signified much better.
Re-shoots are being re-done, today hopefully. We are changing things around a bit and making it a lot different and better. :)

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