Sunday, 9 May 2010

My Initial Ideas/Pitchs

Genre- Social Realism

  • Opening credits on a black screen, sound of a car screeching and screams.
  • Shot one- someone under a car (run over)
  • Film title would appear
  • An interview, different shots of diver used (zooming in, close ups, high angle shots)
  • Whilst the driver is answering questions there is a flash back of what happened earlier in the night.
  • Cuts to people laying down flowers
  • Sad music, fade out.
This is my initial idea and will be changed many times before I actually decide on my final idea.

Genre- Rom-Com

  • Either 1 boy, 1 girl- 2 girls, 1 boy- or 2 boys, 1 girl
  • If there was 1 boy and 1 girl the idea would be that the girl would be shy and not popular trying to impress the 'popular' boy that is stereotypically found in school. She would be overly dressed and make a fool out of herself trying too hard to make him notice her.
  • Or 1 average looking boy liked 1 girl and texted her telling her to meet him, the girl debates whether to meet up with him for a while before following his trail of post-it notes which eventually leads to them realising that they really like each other. But in the opening 2 minutes she doesn't find out who the boy is, as he keeps his identity a secret because he thinks she won't like him.
  • Stereotypical- 1 girl breaks up with her boyfriend and starts to date another boy. Her ex gets jealous and tells her that he loves her before beating up to the other boy. She then realises that she loves him too and goes back to him.

The idea in pink is our final idea.

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