Sunday, 9 May 2010

My Filmic Tastes

(1) List the last 5 movies you've seen

Paranormal Activity
Marley & Me
The Water Boy
Bridget Jones’ Diary

(2) What was the last movie you paid to go and see in the cinema?

(3) What are your favourite TWO film genres?


(4) What are your all-time top FIVE films?

Napoleon Dynamite
Marley & Me
The Bourne Ultimatum

(5) Which ONE of these is your absolute favourite ... and why (be fairly detailed on why!)*

Napoleon Dynamite- It’s so stupid, it’s funny. You don’t have to think really hard as to what’s going on and it’s just really random. The idea of it is unique and you just wouldn’t ever think of making something like it, because it’s just a weird theme.

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