Sunday, 9 May 2010

Final Idea

Me and Lucy have decided to do the rom-com which was in the inital ideas post (highlighted in pink).

We can do this around school, using students as our characters. It would be aimed at an audience of around 15-24. We will make the first 2 minutes interesting by having our credits in different ways, such as on post it notes and texts etc. The first 2 minutes will make you want to see the rest of the film as you will want to know what happens when the boy and the girl meet up.

We are still yet to find our cast, but we have our settings and the idea.

Our first idea of a title for our film 'In His Eyes' had been taken and was a 2009 film.

So instead, we tried 'In His Sights' this had also been taken.

We have finally decided that our working title for the moment will be 'Slim chance'. This relates to the slim chance that the boy has with the girl.

Also just to confirm:

"Stussy" is our production company

"Like Media" is our distributor

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